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            arrow About us

            Stirling Sports Village at Forthside Way, is the biggest single development for sport and leisure in Stirling for over 30 years with an investment of £27.3 million funded by Stirling Council and sportscotland.

            The PEAK is the brand new indoor complex at the heart of the Stirling Sports Village, which already boasts third generation (3G) outdoor football, rugby and hockey pitches.  The PEAK – the indoor complex at the Sports Village, is managed and programmed by Active Stirling.

            This pioneering development was shaped by the Council’s vision for bringing a range of facilities together on one site where people of all ages and abilities can mix together and enjoy all kinds of sport.  This major investment will give the people of Stirling facilities that are second to none across Forth Valley, improving health, developing self-confidence and enhancing overall quality of life.

            The PEAK and the Sports Village are also set to play a major role in attracting international teams preparing for both the London Olympics and Glasgow Commonwealth Games.  In addition it will help support elite athletes and those with an aspiration to compete at a higher level.

            The complex will also be one of the most cost-effective of its kind in the UK.  Great emphasis has been placed on sustainability and efficiency throughout the development.  For example excess heat from the ice-making process is fed back to heat the 25m swimming pool.

            Stirling Sports Village is expected to attract 500,000 visitors each year, with an anticipated spend of £1.8m.  It will create an additional 90 jobs within the area.