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            ALL IN memberships from only ?1 per month
            Whether you are new to fitness or love a challenge and workout every day, our ALL IN membership will help you get fit and stay active with unlimited access to a variety of activities from swim, gym, fitness, skate, climb and play - all from only £21 per month!!* PLUS no joining fee!

            We have over 200 fitness classes on each week, including the famous LES MILLS classes - there's lots to do to keep up the intensity so that boredom doesn't kick in by changing your workouts, build and grow your strength and keep you active.

            Have a look at our video below and see what's included with an ALL IN membership at The PEAK

            *Group ALL IN membership (4 adults/children) £21 per month and Junior ALL IN membership only £21 per month.

            For more details call 01786 273555.