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            Curling at The Peak

            New ice, new season Get ready, let’s go!

            The new ice is now ready and the ice rink open for the new season at The PEAK. This mammoth build by our ice tech team took over two weeks and included -
            • 170,000 litres of water removed in 1 day
            • 6 gallons of blue paint
            • 2 gallons of red paint
            • 440kg of white paint over 3 coats
            • 2526 feet of tape
            • 448 man hours
            • 90,000 litres of water put on over 14 floods
            A huge thanks to our ice team who’ve worked so hard - have a look at how they did it here


            New Curling Season 2019- 2020
            See what Stirling Sports Village curling facilities have to offer! thepeakstirling.org.uk/ice-rink/curling-times-and-prices

            Skate times

            Monday 6 April - Tuesday 18 August 2020

            Customer notice: please note that on Friday 16 August, the morning proficient session will now run from 06.00-09.30am.
            Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

            Skate sessions

            PEAK skating Enjoy a nice day out with the family with these fantastic ice skating sessions – suitable for all ages.  These sessions attract a wide variety of skaters with the majority being beginners and novice skaters.  If you have any young children new to skating, why not hire one of our penguins.

            Proficient skating* These sessions are only suitable for competent, experienced skaters.
            *Please note - penguin hire is not available during these sessions.

            Penguin & Snowmen hire Our friendly penguins and snowmen are ideal for young children new to skating and a perfect first friend on the ice! Specially designed to support children learning to skate, this is the ideal way to build their confidence and get them used to skating on ice.  The penguins are suitable for children under 1.2m in height and the snowmen for children over 1.2m in height.

            Ice discos* Enjoy a Saturday night out with friends at our ice disco sessions!  Lights are down with disco lighting and top resident DJ will be playing the latest tunes.  These sessions are open to all ages and abilities.
            *Please note - penguin hire is not available during this session.

            Stirling Sports Village Facility Booking Terms & Conditions 2019/20