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            Sports Hall at The Peak

            Sports hall

            The 9 court sports hall at The PEAK has to be seen to believed! With a sprung loaded wooden floor, portable seating and multi-sport digital scoreboard, it is a fantasic venue for infoor sport for basketball, netball, hockey, badminton, table tennis, gymnastics, boccia and many more. 

            ALL IN play activities are included FREE with your ALL IN membership and also available for pay as you go members.Book the sports hall and play badminton, short tennis, table tennis or basketball - included FREE with your ALL IN membership.

            For more details on ALL IN play activities and prices see here.  Book sessions up to 7 days in advance at reception or call us on 01786 273555.

            We also host a variety of international and national sporting events such as basketball, hockey and netball. The sports hall will be jumping with local clubs offering a variety of sports as well as a number of Active Stirling sport classes for local children including - bouncing beans, jumping beans, mini - kickers, gymnastics.

            For more information on these sport classes or to book the sports hall please contact our bookings team on 01786 273555 or email bookings@activestirling.org.uk.

            Stirling Sports Village Facility Booking Terms & Conditions 2019/20