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            Upstairs at The Peak

            Find Us

            The PEAK at Stirling Sports Village is located next to Forthbank Football Stadium, home of Stirling Albion and in close proximity to Springkerse Retail Park.
            Stirling Council run a Park & Ride service which stops outside The PEAK.  A timetable for the Park & Ride service to The PEAK can be found on Stirling Council's website.


            Contact details

            The PEAK
            Stirling Sports Village
            Forthside Way
            FK8 1QZ

            01786 273555

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            Arriving from the North and South

            Drivers should travel along the M80 towards Stirling and leave at junction 9. Follow directions to stay on the A91, passing through 5 roundabouts before you arrive at the Muirton Roundabout. At the Muirton roundabout, stay left and take the second exit to Forthside Way then follow signs to ‘Stirling Sports Village.’

            There are 375 spaces within Stirling Sports Village. This includes 30 disabled parking spaces and 12 Parent and Child Spaces. Visitors can follow directions to the left and right of the sign shown below. If you are visiting Stirling Sports Village to attend a one-off event, such as a swim gala or dance competition, we kindly request that you park to the right of the sign below, in the direction of St Modan’s H.S. and Stirling County Cricket Club. If no spaces are available at this side of the car park we request that you park in one of the areas listed below under ‘Full car park’.

            Full Car Park

            When there are no more marked spaces available within Stirling Sports Village, visitors should park at either Springkerse Park and Ride or at Vue Cinema on Forthside Way. Both are only a short walk from Stirling Sports Village.
            Springkerse Park and ride directions  

            Leave Stirling Sports Village via the roundabout where you arrived and take the second exit. At the Muirton roundabout stay right and take the 3rd exit marked Park and Ride. Take the first exit at the next roundabout then turn immediately left.
            Vue Cinema parking directions

            Leave Stirling Sports Village and turn right onto Forthside Way. At the next roundabout take the first exit and then turn immediately right. Please note this is a pay and display car park.
            Parking enforcement

            Please note that the car park at Stirling Sports Village is enforced by Stirling Council. If you park outwith a marked bay (i.e. on paved area) or fail to display a valid badge whilst parking in a disabled bay, you will risk a fine. Any vehicle found to be in contravention of any parking restriction in force will be issued a Penalty Charge Notice. If you are issued with a Penalty Charge Notice, you should consult directly with Stirling Council, and not Active Stirling.

            In addition, cars that park on the Urban clearway on Forthside Way are also in breach of the regulations. Separate rules are in place at Sprinkerse Park and Ride and at Vue cinema and the driver is responsible for following these and parking accordingly.