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            arrow Your Questions

            Q1. I want to enquire about swimming lessons?

            A. Please click on the swimming link below, to be redirected to our swimming lessons pages, where you can find out more information on how the process works, add your child to our waiting list or see where are classes are on.
            Q2. I had my child on the waiting list for swimming some time ago and wondered if you would now be allocating places and if my child will still be on the list?
            A. Please click on the swimming link below to see how our waiting list process works. 
            Q2. Is there creche facilities at the Peak?

            A. There is no plan for a creche at the moment.

            Q3. Can you tell me what the Ice Rink session times are?

            A. Please go to the Ice Rink link at the bottom of the page, you will find a timetable there.

            Q4. Fitness Classes: are these "pay as you go" or do you have to book and pay eg. 6 weeks in advance?

            A. Our fitness classes can be booked one week in advance. We have fitness class both pay as you go and by Monthly Subscription, please see our fitness and dance studio page.
            Q5.  Can you book classes on line?

            A.  Active Stirling are pleased to announce the launch of our new online bookings for Fitness Class members.  Please click on the Fitness Class link below to book or for more information.

            Q6. Can I pay for my child's basketball class on line?

            A.  No not at the moment, but that is something we are looking to introduce in the future.

            Q7. How do I get my child involved in Ice Skating and Gymnastic classes?

            A.  We currently hold waiting lists for both sports you can add your child to the waiting list, or for more information click on the links below.